I Don’t Believe in Feminism

Disclaimer: I am a heterosexual male. I am proud to be a heterosexual male, and I do not want to be anything else. While I am what I like to call “pansexual friendly”, I have little interest besides heterosexual activities.

I am not a feminist. I don’t believe in feminism. Indeed, after repeated intimate relationships with women who called themselves feminists, the entire feminist movement leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

A long time ago I knew a submissive woman we’ll call Deb. Now, Deb was highly opinionated and we spent many nights at 24-hour coffee shops discussing and arguing political, social and economic issues. At one time, Deb postulated this:

“The very act of heterosexual sex is submissive. The male invades the female.”

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but that simple realization would shatter my view on the world for years to come.

Feminism dot dot dot

An ex of mine was particularly fond of her Women’s Studies class. She spewed feminist literature as if her life depended on it, and it began to shape and strain our relationship. Before her, another woman I’d dated called herself a feminist but was much more empowered by it instead of outspoken regarding the subject.

Here’s the biggest problem I see with feminism: It is short-sighted.

“You think of women in a very positive light, you tend to put them on a pedestal — you don’t think you are discriminating against them, you just think you are protecting them,” she says of male leaders who may make up that “pocket of resistance” she and her colleagues studied. “Without realizing it you are preferring men over women when it comes to choice positions.”
Source: ‘I’m Not Your Wife!’ A New Study Points to a Hidden Form of Sexism [Link]

By giving feminism a name, by teaching classes on it and writing about it nigh constantly, society continues to feed a demon that tells us that men and women are different and should be treated as such.

Now that said, it’s not quite as simple as a word giving power to discrimination; that would imply that merely obliterating women’s studies and feminism from current social climate would resolve the status of female oppression – that’s not true, since women have only been on the path towards gender equality for a hundred years or so.

That said, feminism does overcompensate; by acknowledging a problem and giving special treatment to an issue, it introduces new problems. Feminism is a snake eating its own tail, and that simply won’t do.

Put Women In Their Place: Everywhere.

Last week, Becky Chambers at The Mary Sue brought an issue to my attention. I won’t tell you the background because its a huge issue beyond the scope of this post, but the sum of it is this:

A woman declared her intent to publicly voice her opinions about video games. For that, she was called a bitch, a whore, a slut, a cunt, a dyke, and a baffling assortment of racial slurs. She was threatened with violence, rape, and death. She was told to shut her mouth, get back in the kitchen, and die of cancer.
Source: themarysue.com [Link]


How the… why the… Are these people fucking retarded? But no, wait, its not the first time that this has happened, and that’s just in the games industry and not even referencing other industries or workplaces. Its a sobering fact that women are still regarded in many cases as second rate, and that needs to change.

So if I don’t believe in feminism, what do I believe in?

  • I believe in full co-ed military integration.
  • I believe in traditional marriage as an agreement between two people, not solely male and female.
  • I believe that women can take care of themselves and do not need you to do it for them.
  • I believe that if a woman is religious, she is fully entitled to be priest, spiritual leader or Pope.
  • I believe that a woman is just as well suited to be a leader as any other person, as long as she’s the skills required.
  • I believe that women and men should be punished equally for crimes they commit.
  • I believe that there should be no place that a man can go that a woman is forbidden.

Some might call that the very meaning of feminism, and I agree.

However, I think that feminism is being superseded by a larger issue – gender neutrality and equality – and those that call themselves feminists are still focusing on only a facet of a larger social issue.

Omnigenderism – The Ultimate Equalizer.

It’s my opinion that the two gender dynamic is no longer attainable, and that the multi-gender dynamic is the future of our race. Just look at diversity of gender identities we have right now. Queer-Gender, Transgender, cisgender, intergender, bigender, pangender, and genderfluid are all different types of gender Identity.
Jean-Luc Gothos – [Source]

Like Jean-Luc Gothos, I believe that gender fluidity. I believe that this is the future of humanity.

I’d like to coin a term: Omnigenderism, the acceptance of all genders encompassing all possibilities both known and unknown.

If one must define me, I call myself an Omnigenderist. I believe in the equal rights and freedoms for all people regardless of their gender – born, chosen or otherwise – not just men and women. I believe that each gender should be legally accepted and socially celebrated.

I believe that Omnigenderism is more accepting and less specific than feminism. I believe that as a self-touted omnigenderist, all human beings – not just male and female – should have access to all rights and liberties that any other human being on the planet enjoys.

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4 responses to “I Don’t Believe in Feminism”

  1. goodchic6387 says :

    I am a woman, but I am often ashamed of other women. I am a feminist, but I am often ashamed of other feminists.

    But recently I have noticed that as much as I want to push for equality for myself, I am often times fighting for equality of my friends. My friends who are transgendered or poly or in one way or another living an alternative lifestyle.

    Compared to what they go through on a daily basis, whether that be having difficulty getting jobs or just the giggles and stares sent their way, feminism just doesnt seem like the right way to think anymore. It’s the small picture.

    I started reading this post with trepadition, but in the end I couldn’t agree more.

    • SirStompsalot says :

      I have often found it strange that our generation didn’t have anything to unite them as opposed to previous generations for the last century…. but after a while you start to realize that we just might have the biggest issue on our shoulders for the next few decades at least.

      The big picture… we live in interesting times indeed.

  2. Kitty says :

    This summarizes my perspective as well. The word “feminism” leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it’s spewed so often with the intent of suppressing anything that is different than whoever is speaking it means.
    I think that your idea of omnigenderism is amazing, because is speaks to all, including those that live outside the traditional 2-gender world.
    Well written and well said.

  3. Stabbity says :

    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from a post written by a man titled ‘I don’t believe in feminism’, but you do make a good point. Feminism certainly has it’s flaws, and there’s not exactly a shortage of jerks who identify as feminists. Off the top of my head I can name two bloggers who explicitly do not call themselves feminists because so many feminists have insisted people should be forcibly ‘saved’ from their chosen lines of work (different areas of the sex industry) whether they like it or not.

    I’d have to agree that omnigenderism or humanism is a better word for a movement that’s aiming to treat everybody, no matter what their gender, with respect.

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