Advice: Enjoy the little rituals.

When my slave and I first moved in together, our days started the same as many. I would get up, get ready for the day and kiss her in her sleep before heading to work. Every so often I would find little notes of affection in my jacket pockets. Nothing terribly long, but it was always something that brightened my day. I have collected them all and still keep them safe.

Eventually – as scraps of paper ran out and she was tearing apart notebooks – she decided to simply use the notebooks themselves and leave them by my laptop, or my cigarettes. As time passed (and many notebooks were filled) our little exercise of “awww” had grown to a weekday ritual.

Instead of the first thing I do being having a cigarette or checking my email, I have taken to looking for a note from my slave.

Nothing formal – indeed, she’s often taken to nerdy quips or trying to “out love” – but its something to look forward to in the morning. It was never agreed on or negotiated, just something she likes to do for reasons only she can express.

My advice: Enjoy the little rituals. Devotion and love doesn’t always need to be expressed, but its an amazing feeling when it is.

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One response to “Advice: Enjoy the little rituals.”

  1. dawninflux says :

    Sigh. Lovely.

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