2013 Here I Come

Been quiet here at the blog over the past six months or so. A good catalyst for this silence was the relationship ending with my former slave. Those that follow me on Twitter have a pretty good idea how that happened, so I’ll not go into details.

At the coaxing of an influential girl I know however, I’ve found myself with things to say again.

I’ve been blogging longer than I’ve been “kinky” – indeed, before there was a shortened term for “weblog”. I built my first website when I was 14, and was active on Livejournal for years. A lesson I’ve learned over my time blogging is this: Don’t write for an audience. Write for yourself.

2012 was a year of resolutions, ups and downs, heartache and renewed fervor. I turned 30 years old. Some friendships ended and others were forged. I got a renewed interest in building my toy collection, started going to play parties again and found a few new play partners. However, the city I reside in frequently leaves me with a foul taste in my mouth. I moved here with my former slave and although I’ve made several friends, I want more.

So instead of making grand resolutions, this year I have only three goals:

  1. Move to Toronto, Ontario.
    Something already planned and will be accomplished next month!
  2. Renew my interest in blogging.
    Hence the new domain, and theme.
  3. Continue writing my book.
    A project I’m quite enjoying!

One chapter ends… Another begins. Look out 2013!

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One response to “2013 Here I Come”

  1. mauvedeep says :

    Best wishes from down under. xxx

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